What to Expect

What to Expect in Your First Counselling Session

Counselling is a process and will be defined in a series of sessions.

  1. In your first session, I’ll ask you what brought you to me – what is it that you need help with?  I may ask you a series of questions about your life because these things play important role in who you are.  This information helps me make an initial assessment of your situation.
  2. Do not expect instant answers.  The sessions we spend together are collaborative and you are my guide to finding the right questions.  Therapy is a team effort.  I am with you.
  3. Answer the questions openly and honestly.  If you feel you are able, write down the reasons you’re seeking help.  Make a list and then read it out loud.  Hearing yourself say it a few times will help you describe things more clearly.  I will hear you.
  4. Ask questions. The more you understand about the counselling experience or how counselling works, the more comfortable you’ll be.  Ask questions about the therapy process, and ask me to repeat anything you don’t understand.  I will answer you.

A lot will be going through your head in this first session.  Listen to your own reactions and feelings, and, if you feel able, share them.  We will both learn from these insights. I am with you.